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"No matter how good you get, you can always get better" - Tiger Woods


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"A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing" - Payne Stewart


Golf Lessons Singapore

TGL Junior Development

Our junior development programme is one of the best golf lessons in Singapore. The golf programme is categorised into 5 levels; “Freshman,” “Sophomore,” “Junior,” “Senior,” and “TGL Elites.” The aim is to provide a consistently high level of coaching to avoid any student being “left behind” as well as creating a sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency through great coaching is what gives our students the best tools and preparation for their college careers and beyond.

“I’m the best. I just haven’t played yet.” – Muhammad Ali, on his golf game



Freshman (Beginner Golf Lessons)

Beginners learning the game for the very first time. Each golfer will learn the basic fundamentals of the game such as, the grip, posture, swing shapes and body movements. Our facility can accommodate to three practice areas for the short game, putting, and long game. 

Each freshman will go through a syllabus of understanding the basic swing mechanics, etiquette, and rules. After two cycles of lessons, freshman will complete a basic skills test to graduate into the next level, Sophomore. 



At this level, the golfer has completed a series of beginner lessons and a skills test. 

Sophomores prepare for attaining a PC (proficiency certificate) at the end of the level.

This level is the start of an intermediate programme. Golfers will go through more in depth understanding of the golf swing, rules and  basic golf course exposure. The Golf Lessons will mostly be held at the three areas of the facility and will also include playing on the golf course. The purpose is to help the golfer have an understanding of their distances with each club and develop independence in regards to club choices/selection when on the golf course.

Our coaches will determine when each student is ready to take his/her PC Test. Upon passing the test, the golfer will graduate and move to the next level, Junior.



Junior (Intermediate Golf Lessons)

The prerequisite to being in this level is to have a valid PC from your home club or any other recognised governing body. 

Juniors are categorised as intermediate golfers. Lessons in this programme will cover all areas of the game. A series of video analysis will be done for each student to further understand their strengths and weaknesses. Junior Golf Lessons in Singapore on the golf course will also be part of the programme.  We do have some very good Golf Coach review in Singapore by our students

In this level, the golfer will be prepared for attaining a handicap at the end of the programme. Once a handicap is attained, they will graduate and move on to the next level, Senior.


Senior (Advanced Golf Lessons)

The prerequisite to being in this level is to have a certified handicap from your home club or any other recognised governing body.

Seniors go through an extensive understanding of swing mechanics, improving certain “feels”, shot-shaping, golf biodynamics and golf course instruction. The Programme will also include course management skills and periodic skills assessments.



TGL Elites

To be eligible for this program, golfers will need to have a handicap of 18 or below (no minimum age required). A referral from their coach can be used as a gauge as well.

This program is tailored for the serious golfer. One who plans on competing at the highest level in his/her age-group.  Our team of golf coaches are experienced and some used to work with Phil Brew Golf Academy

Weekly sessions on weekdays and/or weekends. The syllabus includes high-performance training. It entails full-swing mechanics, short game techniques, green-reading classes, physical and mental development. Course lessons will be included as well. Understanding tournament preparations and honing personal skills will be instilled to each golfer. The program also allows for a more strategically planned tournament schedule for each individual. 


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