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Marc has consistently worked hard at honing his craft, diligently trying to become a better coach every single day.  There is nobody in the teaching industry with more passion and patience than Marc, an attribute admirable in any teaching role and is one of the big reasons he has developed such a fantastic reputation as a coach with loyal pool of students.


Marc Kawasoe has been in the coaching industry for over 12 years. His journey to success as a golf instructor is unique and a reflection to his love for the game.

Being a former top-ranked junior, national player for Singapore, and playing for college in the US, he is also ranked highly in the local circuit as a professional.

With his years of playing experience, Marc made a commitment to share his golf insights and help others.

He has dedicated his life to becoming one of the best golf instructors and it is reflective of his busy teaching schedule at the academy.

Paper Abstract


Francis loves what he does, which is all aspects of the golfing industry…. he simply live and breathe golf.  He began his teaching career with Phil Brew Golf Academy back in 2011 over at NSRCC but decided to chase his dreams of overseas golfing experience and taught golf in Beijing, China, for 2 years.


Upon his return, Francis re-joined Phil Brew Golf Academy team but on a part-time basis as his skills as a club-fitter were highly sought after by TaylorMade. He took up their offer to follow the Asian SPGA Tour schedule as one of TaylorMade’s representatives, which required him to be at the tournament site for the first few days of each week.


Francis is still very active in the tournaments at a local level, playing when he gets the opportunity to do so.  He truly inspires his students to strive to be the best given his own achievements.



Kenji started playing golf at the age of 10 and has represented Singapore National Youth team from 2007-2009. He was drafted to the Singapore national team set-up in 2010/2011.
He was No.1 order of merit Singapore national youth team for year 2009 and represented Singapore in the Barclays Singapore Open in 2009.

Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract


Vincent graduated from the Professional Golf Career College in Orlando 2008. His first professional employment was for Dr Bob Winters  as a golf coach for Nike Golf Schools.


In late 2009, he joined the famed Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy (GGGA) as a golf coach. By mid 2010 he was promoted as a head coach to one of the elite junior teams in the academy. In early 2011, he became the 3rd instructor to complete the arduous GGGA certification process and is the only coach in Asia to be fully certified by the Gilchrist Golf Academy. Being directly involved and exposed to golf training at its highest level in Florida, has enhanced his ability to impart not only technical but also physiological and psychological skills to all level of golfers. Since 2012, Vincent has been teaching locally at Phil Brew Golf Academy and was in charge of the school team of Singapore American School and the advanced golfers at Australian International School. Some of his players have won their club championships or represent their clubs in the SGA Legaue.


Vincent believes that whilst there’s an optimal way to play golf, it needs to be tapered to the varying athletic ability and time commitment to meet the goals of the individual golfer.

Paper Abstract


Bernie has a passion and love for coaching. She started playing this game since she was 7 and played competitive Golf since she was 10. Her love for coaching was discovered when she decided to take up a coaching degree in Melbourne and graduated with Bachelor of applied science in golf, a coaching degree at Victoria University, Melbourne.


Bernie's coaching style has been greatly influenced by PGA member Steve Giuliano, Level IV Senior Instructor Asia at AimPoint Golf Asia and Joe Thiel, a well know. PGA instructor in the United States. 


Bernie has also experience college golf as she was part of the college golf team in AIGM (Australian Institue for Golf management from 2005-2006. Bernie was also very involved with playing many junior golf competitions and has undergone training with korean golf academies (Aman golf school, Kyu golf academy ) she started her coaching career in 2009 and has never looked back. Bernie is a member of the Professional Golf Association Malaysia.


Bernie believes that golf is not just a sport but, it teaches very important life values and that a good golfer should not just be able to play well but importantly to also have good sportsmanship.


Her goal and heart is to help every golfer to reach their personal best while still creating a fun learning environment on the game. 

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Victor is a golf fanatic who loves everything about the beautiful game. He then decided to turn passion into profession. In 2017, he attained AA SPGA professional status and joined The Golfing Lab as a teaching professional in October 2020.



Previously under the tutelage of The Golfing Lab’s Program Director Marc Kawasoe, he is most familiar with the teaching philosophies of the academy. Victor always strives to identify new methods in teaching so as to ensure that each student receives the most effective instruction possible. 

“I am passionate with what I do and my dedication will be beneficial to you.” 
- Victor Tay

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Elizabeth is a dedicated doer and has great resiliency to achieve whatever she sets her mind to do. She started golf at the age of 12  and was was formally from the SGA National Development Squad in 2013 to 2014 before getting promoted to the SGA National Squad in 2014 to 21016. At club level, Elizabeth represented NSRCC in the ladies’ division for the SGA Inter-Club League and was part of NSRCC junior club squad in 2010 to 2011. In 2019, Elizabeth turned professional and obtained a SPGA class AA membership.


Besides her Degree in Sports and Events Management, she has a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science where the technical knowledge gained allows her to provide a more structural approach in teaching her students with a better understanding of their body movement in relation to the philosophy of golf swing principles. Her great understanding of golf swing mechanics coupled with her knowledge in body movement, through her studies, will allow her students to have a more holistic approach in learning to play the game of golf.

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Member of the SPGA, Quincy has been coaching since 2017 while continuing his successes that made him the current Singapore No.1 golfer. 


An ambassador for Audi, victories from China PGA Tour Haikou Classic (2019) & PGM Northport ADT (2019) were amongst his career highlights.
In 2014, he secured a fourth placed finish in the Asian Tour's Bank BRI Indonesian Open. 


As an amateur, Quincy has enjoyed numerous wins notably the Singapore Amateur Champion in 2007 and Philippines Amateur championship in 2009.

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kenny Tan

Since young, Kenny has been participating in various levels of competitive sports and track & field events winning recognition in 800m, 1500m & High jump in junior level. Progressively, Kenny was selected to play in school basketball team, which led him to lead as a captain and player/coach in the Airforce team to its best finished at 2nd place in the inter formation level. To upkeep his fitness, he trained and participated in marathons, cycling, swimming, a vivid snowboarder and an enthusiastic golfer.

Eventually, the game of golf draws and pushes him to further his quest for knowledge to deepen his understanding between the body and golf swing. He attained his Titleist Performance Institute level 1 certification for body swing connection in Australia.


To be comprehensive in the understanding, he soon follows up with Golf Fitness and Junior Development and attain TPI certified Fitness level 2 and TPI certified Junior level 2. 

Kenny is currently certified as a personal trainer with NCSF, awarded the Certificate of Achievement for the completion of Basic Sport Science course and Singapore Coach Excellence Theory Level One by Sports Singapore.

Paper Abstract


Sock Hwee started playing golf at the age of 11 and was drafted into the National Team at 14 years of age. In her 12 years of representing Singapore, she has competed in several events including, 3 HSBC Women's World Championships, 4 editions of South East Asia Games and 3 World Amateur Team Championships.

Sock Hwee made the switch and turn professional in 2016 and is actively playing in the China LPGA as well as Taiwan LPGA Tour.


Ryan Goh

Ryan started golf at a young age at 9 and has had a passion for the game ever since. He then decided to pursue a career in teaching golf after finishing his studies and turned pro under SPGA in 2021. 

Previously coached by The Golfing Lab's Director Francis Tan, he is well versed with all the teachings and insights that the academy has to offer. 
Ryan's coaching style is focused on improving and working with what you already have to create a simple, effective and stress-free approach to golf. Ryan is ready and willing to impart all the knowledge he has gained over the years to help you improve in any aspect of your game.

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