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The Golfing Lab combines all aspects of the game to elevate players to the next level. Our holistic approach includes physical training, coaching, on-course play multiple times per week and on weekends, and targeted short game practice. The golf programme provides a rigorous and disciplined schedule to help cultivate player's skills, character, and sportsmanship.

With a proven track record, our system has developed golfers from entry levels to advanced levels. Our juniors have shown immense improvements and many have progressed on to winning junior medals and events.

Our holistic program is broken down into 3 different categories where junior golfers fall into; “Getting started,” “Let's play,” “Building a Champion.” 


Every student will have to undergo various skill assessments to advance to the next level. 


This will provide a consistent approach in building key fundamentals of the child's skill set. The advancement of each level allows the parents and children to assess their progression.

Getting started (Level 1-3)

There are 3 sub-categories. Each category is broken down into 3 levels (Levels 1-3, new/developing golfers). In these levels, golfers will go through fundamental movement skills, swing shapes (basic to advanced), short game practice(basic to intermediate), SNAG golf, on course training and general rules/etiquette. 


Level 1 is the introductory level where new golfers will focus on fundamentals and get a feel for hitting shots using SNAG equipment as well as regular junior clubs. These golfers will be introduced to generic short game techniques and taught basic etiquette and rules.Typically after going through 10 sessions with a coach, the golfer will be given a skills assessment to complete before graduating to level 2.


Level 2 is the stage where golfers will move into using regular clubs and focus on fundamentals, functional movement skills, short game practice including bunker play. Rules and etiquette will also be taught by the coach followed by a skills assessment.


Level 3 is where the golfer will be prepared for attaining a PC (proficiency certificate). The focus will be on swing mechanics (with video analysis) as well as the long game, which includes using a driver/fairway wood/hybrid. Exposure on the golf course will also be introduced where golfers will learn golf rules applicable to the PC test and get a feel for general scoring. Other parts of the game such as short game will also be taught. Before moving on to getting a PC, golfers will have to pass a skills assessment.

Let's play (Level 4-6)

In these levels, golfers will be prepared for attaining a valid golfing handicap (level 6). Golfers will work on tightening up swing mechanics, physical training to enhance speed and agility, fundamental movement skills, short game practice(intermediate to advanced), on course training, rules/etiquette (intermediate) in preparation for attaining handicap. Each golfer will also be introduced to diagnostic training aids such as trackman/flightscope, super speed sticks training, CAPTO(putting sensor).


A level 4 prerequisite will be having a PC. This level caters to golfers who have just gotten a PC and have little experience playing on the golf course. There will be more focus on swing mechanics, basic strength training and short game mechanics. The golfer will have to pass a skills assessment to graduate onto the next level.


Level 5 would be an advanced PC level, where golfers would have had more on course practice exposure. They will be closer to attaining an official handicap. Swing mechanics, rules and etiquette at an intermediate level will be taught along with strength and conditioning training. Lessons on course will be part of the program to prepare the golfer for the handicap test. Only upon passing their skills assessment, will the golfer then be able to take the handicap test.


Building a ChampioN

(Level 7-9)

This category caters to golfers who will look at honing their skills to becoming competitive. The prerequisite to this level (level 7) will be a valid handicap index of 10 and below. The intensity of training will heighten. Golfers will learn shot-shaping skills, mental training, advanced short game techniques, advanced physical training to enhance speed and agility, various skills assessments, goal planning and tournament preparations.

To qualify for level 8, juniors will have to undergo a comprehensive skills assessment, or represent his/her country( locally, Development Squad). 


The prerequisite to entering level 9 would be to represent his/her country for major competitions, such as, SEA games, Asian Games, APAC championships (ie: National team/elite squad).


What happens after this level would be the option to explore turning professional and competing internationally or even exploring the option to have a career in coaching through internship programs at The Golfing Lab.

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