The Golfing Lab Management Team

Marc Kawasoe: Program Director 


Marc has consistently worked hard at honing his craft, diligently trying to become a better coach every single day.  There is nobody in the teaching industry with more passion and patience than Marc, an attribute admirable in any teaching role and is one of the big reasons he has developed such a fantastic reputation as a coach with loyal pool of students.

Studying most of his teenage school life in California, USA, Marc returned and passed his Pro Test here in Singapore in July of 2007.  He was giving Golf Lessons in Singapore with Phil Brew Golf Academy from 2007 to 2016.

Marc still has a hand in playing professionally, not only locally but also managing to get some starts in the Asian Development Tour (ADT) events.

Highlights of Marc’s career:

  • Appeared on TV show “Young Wonders” in 1998 as the best junior golfer in Singapore
  • Represented the Singapore National Team (2002-2004)
  • Served as Team Captain representing El Camino Community College in the Foothill Conference (2006)
  • Member of Singapore SPGA in 2007
  • Joined PBGA in 2007
  • Two-time “Causeway Trophy” player
  • Played on ADT since 2011
  • Winner of the SPGA tournament held at Laguna Classic Golf Course
  • Level 3 Coach (PBGA till October 2016)
  • Committee member of the SPGA (2008-2015)
  • Currently ranked no.3 in the country (2016)

Francis Tan: Program Director


Francis loves what he does, which is all aspects of the golfing industry…. he simply live and breathe golf.  He began his teaching career with Phil Brew Golf Academy back in 2011 over at NSRCC but decided to chase his dreams of overseas golfing experience and taught golf in Beijing, China, for 2 years.

Upon his return, Francis re-joined Phil Brew Golf Academy team but on a part-time basis as his skills as a club-fitter were highly sought after by TaylorMade. He took up their offer to follow the Asian SPGA Tour schedule as one of TaylorMade’s representatives, which required him to be at the tournament site for the first few days of each week.

Francis is still very active in the tournaments at a local level, playing when he gets the opportunity to do so.  Considered to possess one of the longest drivers of a golf ball in Singapore, it is an amazing feat when you consider his stature. He truly inspires his students to strive to be the best given his own achievements.

  • Member of SPGA (March 2011)
  • Joined PBGA in 2011
  • Coaching Position in Beijing, China (2012-2013)
  • Re-joined PBGA in 2014 to 2016
  • TaylorMade Tour Rep (2014)
  • Level 2 Coach (PBGA)
  • Currently ranked no.12 in the country (2016)
  • Working with Mitsubishi Rayon Company as a Rep on tour (2015 to Current)

Vincent Law: Golfing Professional


Vincent graduated from the Professional Golf Career College in Orlando 2008 with a 3.94 GPA. His first professional employment was for Dr Bob Winters (head sports psychologist at the David Leadbetter Golf Acacdemy at Championsgate) as a golf coach for Nike Golf Schools.

In late 2009, he joined the famed Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy (GGGA) as a golf coach. By mid 2010 he was promoted as a head coach to one of the elite junior teams in the academy. In early 2011, he became the 3rd instructor to complete the arduous GGGA certification process and is the only coach in Asia to be fully certified by the Gilchrist Golf Academy. At GGGA, Vincent worked closely with Gary to assist in training top tour professionals like Yani Tseng, Morgan Pressel, Feng Shan Shan and Peter Hedblom amongst others as part of his growth and development as a coach. He was also in charge of training elite junior players to excel in major tournaments run by AJGA (American Junior Golf Association), Golfweek, etc. Many of his players have gone on to play NCAA Division 1 golf for their college.

Being directly involved and exposed to golf training at its highest level in Florida, has enhanced his ability to impart not only technical but also physiological and psychological skills to all level of golfers. Since 2012, Vincent has been teaching locally at Phil Brew Golf Academy and was in charge of the school team of Singapore American School and the advanced golfers at Australian International School. Some of his players have won their club championships or represent their clubs in the SGA Legaue.

Vincent believes that whilst there’s an optimal way to play golf, it needs to be tapered to the varying athletic ability and time commitment to meet the goals of the individual golfer.

Notable Students

Wong Qizhi

  • Sentosa Golf Club, Club Champion 2012
  • Tanah Merah Country Club, Matchplay Champion 2010, 2011, 2012

Nicholas Reach

  • Player at University of Georgia
  • Winner of Junior Invitational at Sage Valley 2011

Victor Doka

  • Player at University of Denver
  • Holds course record at TPC Tampa Bay, score of 62

Tong Wang

  • Member of Li Ning Sports Foundation Program
  • Player at Nova Southeastern University
  • 2 2nd Placed finishes at Future Collegians World Tour

Wenjia Cao

  • Member of Li Ning Sports Foundation Program
  • Player at Appalachian State University
  • 6 Top 10 finishes on Future Collegians World Tour

Ankur Malik

  • Player committed to Swarthmore College

Kenji – Golfing Professional


Kenji started playing golf at the age of 10 and has represented Singapore National Youth team from 2007-2009. He was drafted to the Singapore national team set-up in 2010 ann 2011.

He was No.1 order of merit Singapore national youth team for year 2009 and represented Singapore in the Barclays Singapore Open in 2009.

As an amateur, he has won numerous tournaments:

  • Faldo Series Singapore Championship – Overall Winner (2008)
  • 3rd National Ranking game 2012-Champion
  • Ria Bintan amateur open – Overall Champion (2013)
  • Represented Orchid country club in their Premier team at SGA level

As a Golf Professional, he earned his SPGA class A membership in 2013 and was upgraded to

Class AA SPGA membership in 2014.

  • Played Singapore PGA Pro events
  • Played Asian Tour Qualifying school 2012 as an amateur
  • Started coaching at Phil brew golf academy as an apprentice in 2014
  • MOE-IRS registered instructor
  • completed National standards For youth Sports(NSYS) workshop in 2014

Our Philosophy

The Golfing Lab programs are designed to cultivate good to great golfing skills for both juniors and adults. Our program enables one to learn more about the game and to also meet the right level of intensity of golfers at every level of their amateur and professional development. Thereby, creating the ultimate learning experience in golf.

The Golfing Lab’s ability to provide golfers with the opportunity to improve at a rapid pace by combining high-tech analysis and training aids. All these, combined with a highly qualified coaching professional and nationally recognised SPGA coaches who have developed detailed and structured programs that can be tailored to suit the different student’s learning levels. We want to create a unique environment and atmosphere within the golf premises where people can enjoy themselves while learning the game.

Our Mission

The Golfing Lab mission is to provide the best in class tailored or structured programs, excellent coaching professionals, and advanced swing analysis tools to fully meet and exceeds the needs of our members and students.

Besides providing an excellent value to our students, the Golfing Lab is determined to create a unique golfing environment and atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of every member, student and employee of the facility. Our intention is to support golfers to play better on the golf course and to enjoy the game more. HAPPY + BETTER golfers!

Our Teaching System

At our The Golfing Lab golf academy, we do not teach a strict method. We do have a system of how we teach and conduct our Golf Lessons. We do not believe that every individual is going to fit into the same golf swing. Everybody is built differently and there are many ways to swing to play this game well. We allow our students to swing within certain parameters or corridors of allowance. This is a big part of our teaching success. 

Our coaches teach with consistency. In other words, any coach whom u select at the academy will teach the same fundamentals, concepts, year in and year out. We break down and analyse golf swings differently from the way most instructors do. We target specific flaws, such as, fundamental positioning and movements of the body as well as the fundamental positioning of the club. These are faults which we address and change in our students. 

Our teaching academy operates with a system that leaves room for individuality. We judge each individual separately and give him/her the help that best fits and is most likely to lead to immense improvements.