Dynamic And Innovative

By creating an unmatched dynamic and innovative golf atmosphere in The Golfing Lab through the use of high-tech analysis, testing and training aids, we strongly believe golfers will be enthusiastically encouraged to participate in our academy. With a high level of participation, they will thus, recommend us to their colleagues and friends and this will spread the network to a larger community. We have invested in and this is just the start as we will continuously develop our tools as we evolve as an academy:            

With this, our ability to retain students will be greatly enhanced. Please refer to Appendix E for more details on the mentioned technologies.

Trackman 4

Latest dual-radar launch monitor which tracks 27 different parameters of the club and ball, giving precise information on what the player needs to work on to improve their technique.

Includes skills test for competitive players to help identify where their weaknesses are.


Cutting-edge putting sensor from Italy. It is easy to use, highly accurate and extremely portable.

CAPTO offers real time analysis of the movement of the putter at any location including outdoors.

Understanding that a 3 foot putt and a 300 yards drive are both written as a shot on the scorecard, improving your putting should be any golfers priority if they want to lower their scores!

Smart2move force plates

Latest force plates in the golf industry to help identify inefficiencies in a golfer’s swing.

Easy to understand graphics help players understand how to utilise the ground better and increase clubhead speed through the ball, allowing golfers to drive it further than they have ever done before.

MySwing 3D Biomechanics

State-of-the-art 3D system to track a golfers movement through space.

Highly useful for understanding a golfers golf swing as well as custom screenings for athletes’ physical abilities.


Real-time audio-visual NeuroFeedback to measure and train the mental process. A Tour proven, guided shot routine to accelerate the learning process.